"I highly recommend Andrea as a Coach. She has a grounded, supportive, and open coaching style that creates a safe space for deep introspection. Her powerful questions helped me gain clarity on some thinking and feeling patterns I needed to understand. She skillfully integrated various mindfulness practices into our session, which helped create space for deeper wisdom to emerge and guide my ideas on a way forward. Thank you Andrea for beautifully holding the space and creating an environment that allowed me to access many useful insights."


Leadership Coach & Change Management Specialist

Completed 4 stand alone coaching sessions

"Andrea creates a gentle, safe and supportive space for her coachees.  She is intelligent and wise - beyond her years.  Andrea asks highly insightful questions that encourage the coachee to think deeply and consider new perspectives.  Being coached by Andrea felt like a privilege - she truly helped me find my wings and the courage to soar."

Business development director

Completed a 12-part coaching series

"My coaching session with Andrea around the IMf was hugely beneficial for me. Although I wasn't sure what to expect, Andrea created the space for me to explore the results in a way that made me feel comfortable and safe.  Her insightful questions allowed me to explore the outcome in a way that was extremely useful for me and left me with a lot to think about and action. I would really recommend this for anyone who is trying to figure out their growth areas in leadership and life!"

Co-founder, consulting company

Completed IMf survey & coaching session

"Andrea was approached by my organisation to help me with my career planning and setting of professional and personal goals. She helped me to think clearly about my chosen career path, and what I need from my work to motivate me. I would recommend her if you are looking for a thinking partner to help you to define and achieve your goal."

Management consultant

Completed a 6-part coaching series

"I had my session with Andrea during the chaos of the first wave, settling into remote work which required a new level of self awareness as we negotiated new ways of working. It was a well timed privilege to have a coaching session with Andrea. She was kind and gentle and created a safe space to explore the results of the assessment  - which were surprisingly accurate."

Data analyst

Completed an Enneagram survey & coaching session

"It was nice to have open & honest conversations, being able to express my issues to a listening ear and allowing me to develop my own answers/solutions/plans without being told what they should be."



Completed a 6-part coaching series

"Our coaching sessions helped me to organise my thoughts and pin-point areas of my life that I needed to give more attention to.

Of course, you didn't give me all the answers and sometimes I didn't actually need answers at all; you held a safe space for me to process difficult things and for that I am truly grateful."


Marine Biology PhD candidate

Completed a 12-part coaching series

"Andrea's calm and peaceful nature provides the perfect setting for one to begin their journey of self-discovery and personal growth. I would highly recommend Andrea as a life-coach and mentor, as her care and commitment is sincere."



Completed a 6-part coaching series

"Coaching with Andrea surprised and delighted me. A truly proficient coach she asked great questions and I always came away from each session feeling supported and inspired. As a solopreneur it was incredible to be held in a container where I was able to really explore my potential. I adored having a Thinking Partner, not to mention had some huge breakthroughs with goals I've been struggling with for years. Before working with Andrea I felt overwhelmed by my work, scattered and stressed now I feel calm, organised, aligned with my values and able to work more in my zone of genius. I'm exercising consistently and nailing my morning routine - something I've never in my life believed I could achieve. And the flow on effect to my business has been phenomenal. Overall, the experience exceeded my expectations in the best ways. If you are thinking about coaching with Andrea, I can guarantee it will be a decision you won't regret."

Lucia Mazzella
Functional health cycle coach and founder of Ambrosia's Table

Completed 6-part coaching series

"Andrea has an amazing ability to hold space and ask the most powerful questions that truly evoke "something."
"Something" being emotion, a call to action, a self-curiosity. She lets the session unfold exactly the way it needs to and is fully immersed in your experience and that moment. I cannot recommend her enough!"

Agile coach

Completed Enneagram + IMf survey & coaching session